Don’t look for a perfect guy.. (Follow vividly_expressive on Instagram)

There is no such thing as a perfect guy. I put the entire blame on the romance novels and how movies depict the guy being flawless. But here’s the truth – There is no such thing as a perfect guy.. A guy can be perfect when he truly falls for a girl.A guy who is in love will be a perfect guy for the girl.
No matter what, he can never just move away from her. Even if they are not in talking terms, whenever he will see a couple or watch romantic movies, he would always imagine her.
No matter how much he is surrounded by girls, but he can never give her place to anyone else. He won’t ever look someone the same way he looks at her , he will always keep their memories locked in his heart.
He would always treat her like his wife as he sees his future with her, even if he never admitted that.
He would get physically attracted to her, but with the pure intentions of loving her. He would never cross his line.
He would never laugh on her dreams, no matter how insane they are.
He would remember smallest details about her from her favourite cuisine to her first crush.
He would even love how she is dressed down in her pyjamas.. He wouldn’t care about her pimples or her wrinkled face, because he likes her for who she is.

So don’t look for a perfect guy. Instead fall for someone who will love your imperfections. ❤

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A letter to my life partner

Dear you!

Relationship with me will not be a walk on a cake. I am not an easy woman to love . I am sensitive and emotional . I hold things back . I am fragile and cry over small things .I overreact and most of the times regret my decisions. I am not conscious about my actions and I am immature . I have temper out of this world and can’t handle lies .
I am not perfect but I want to be for you . I am full of flaws but I want to show them to you . I am not a material girl who needs fancy things , but I am someone who will help you to build an Empire. I am that girl who can give up her dreams just to fulfill yours . That girl who knows your flaws , but will never use them against you .I have a lot of love to give. My love knows no boundaries . I want nothing in return but tell me I am perfect. Tell me , I deserve to be loved . Hold my hand when I am afraid of something. Catch me when I fall , Pamper me when I feel low and assure me that I am important in your life. Treat me with respect. Become a reason behind my happiness. And trust me , I will love you more than life itself.

Future love

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Adhuri kahani

Tere jane ke baad,
Kuch tham si gyi thi zindagi.
Ankhien kch nam si thi,
Kisi chorahe par ruk gyi thi zindagi.
Mai guftgu krti bhi kisse koi smjh nhi pata tha,
Phr to bs wo raat ka andera tha jo mere sath tha.
Na so pati thi, na jaag pati thi,
Khud hi khud se ek naye aggaz ke waade kia krti thi.
Lekn kyun usi mod pr le aati thi zindagi,
Mujhe bahut kch sikha gyi thi ye zindagi.
Kch baatein thi teri jo yaad aa jati thi,
Ankhon ko meri nam kr jati thi.
Puchte the log jhuti muskurahat ki wajah,
Smjhati bhi kaise yeh thi dil lagane ki sajah.
Tere kie waado ko mai raaz rkhti thi,
Teri taswir ko apne pass rkhti thi.
Har raat meri tanhai mujhse pucha krti thi,
Kha gyi wo ishq mai doobi deewani si ldki,
Aur mai hass kar keh deti,
Mat pucho wo hai adhuri si khani meri.. @vividly_expressive

One Sided Love